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Hey! We are Tams & Richie, and we are touring the Irish restaurant scene, starting at A and moving to Z. If you are curious to find new restaurants and jump outside the gastronomic box, then you are in the right place. 

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O is for – Osteria Lucio

Osteria Lucio is very literally tucked away from the rest of Dublin in a building called The Malting Tower in Grand Canal Quay. The ingredients are seasonal, local and carefully selected for flavour and quality. The wines are all from Italian smallholdings. The coffee-infused Negronis are stupidly good. No really. Have two.

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M is for – Michael’s Mount Merrion

Michael’s of Mount Merrion do not take themselves too seriously and this is seen in the quirkiness of the dishes; pigs ears, surf ‘n’ turf, deep fried brie – it’s the finest of food without any of the notions.

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K is for – Kai

The team exude a cool sense of confidence, effortlessly gliding from table to table in a spot that I suspect is rarely quiet.

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J is for – Jansz (Amsterdam)

Our visit to Jansz is a reminder that dining out is about the entire experience – from the ambience and service to the food and its presentation.

Here’s to more adventures and discoveries in the world of food – because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about the meals we eat, but the memories we create around the table.

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I'm Tamara

I am exploring the world of dining, one alphabet letter (restaurant) per month. My husband, Richie and I adore travelling the world and experiencing new cultures, and we firmly believe that one of the best ways to learn more about people is through their kitchens.