I is for – Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie; “An encounter that only happens once in a lifetime. Reminding you to treasure it, because it will never be repeated.”


Vibe Check

The highest level of Japanese hospitality with a smooth jazz soundtrack.

Cost For Eats

€140 per head for the 12-course tasting menu.

Cost For Booze

€66 with some very special indulgences in the mix – sake carafe & beautiful Japanese whiskey.

Booze-Free Options?

Not so much, but this spot is all about the food.

Vegetarian Options?

Vegetarians / pescatarians can be catered for, but for the tasting menu prior notice is required.

This spot is great for…

Dates, special occasions, when you need to impress someone, indulgence that won’t break the bank.

If you want to book a table head to…

You can’t…at least not for a while…read on to find out more…

Where you’ll find them

5 Sheares St, Centre, Cork, T12 RY7Y

Their Website



If you conjure up images of unassuming Japanese sophistication, you likely have an image of Ichigo Ichie. Diners are requested to “be punctual” when arriving. This isn’t down to some arcane, arbitrary rule. It is because you are about to step into the inner workings of an expertly-crafted clock. You are going to be held by experts for your 12 delectable courses.

And all you are asked to do in return is be punctual.
Not early. Not late. Right on time.

What greets you are closed doors. Opaque windows. No sign of movement. You would walk by every day and not know the magic that flows behind these doors.

Punctually, exactly on time, two doors swing open and we are greeted with a delicate confidence.


The space is minimal, stripped back of all but the absolutely essential. The walls are muted and un-distracting. The energy flows up through the narrow restaurant towards a bar where 4 lucky guests can sit and watch food being prepared by a chef for his private, captive audience. The walls are decorated with care, not too much, not too sparse. The ornaments and cookbooks give us a narrow glimpse into a life, there is humour, passion and colour. A vibrant evening awaits.


12 courses.

12 perfectly balanced, thoughtfully prepared, inspired courses. Each dish blends Japanese wisdom with seasonal Irish ingredients to prepare a series of unanticipated bursts of flavour. I consider myself well-versed in the world of Japanese food, having spent a month in Japan and a small fortune on sushi over the years. But I have never considered introducing St Tola goat’s cheese to an Asian menu.

To dine in Ichigo Ichie means to sit down and immerse yourself in a menu that proudly shouts out the restaurant’s commitment to its suppliers; Garryhinch nameko mushrooms, Rossmore Oysters, Lough Neagh eel and Skeaghanore Duck. These components working together so seamlessly takes a truly creative insight, which Chef Takashi Miyazaki and his team seem to have in spades.

This blend of cultures doesn’t stop at the food because the wait team have a wonderful blend of European, Irish & Japanese sensibility. Expert does not do them justice. Not only did they have an encyclopedic knowledge of the dishes they served, but they answered our weird and wonderful questions. Supporting our thirst for further knowledge and providing a richness so many dining experiences lack.

Both the dishes and the team exude passion, humour and an authentic expression.


None of this matters…

Because you won’t go here.

You won’t be able to experience this space, because on 22nd December Ichigo Ichie will close its doors and behind the scenes will transform into a casual bistro-style restaurant from January 2024.

Chef Takashi Miyazaki and team will focus on local, casual-style food, serving small and sharing plates to rice bowl dishes and the first ever in Ireland “Teuchi soba” (handmade buckwheat noodles) dishes.

After only a mere few months since he attained the enviable accolade of a Michelin star, Chef Miyazaki has made the extraordinarily hard decision to change his formula. Simplify. Serve in a new way. No 12 course journey. No “punctual” voyages. An a-la-carte menu, which will undoubtedly be brilliant.


Because some things in life are more important than even the biggest accolades. Families. Loved ones. Life. Room to breathe. All these things are the experiences we will remember when our time comes.

So, if you are reading this right to the end (thank you!), and you are waiting on a decision, or not sure where to pour your passions. I invite you to reflect on the true meaning of this restaurant…


“An encounter that only happens once in a lifetime.
Reminding you to treasure it, because it will never be repeated.”


Next month we are going abroad, baby! Join us on a journey to “J” for something really exciting…

Cheers, crew! 🥂


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